Our investment strategy is simple.

We invest in the most innovative and disruptive companies by helping to unlock founders, employees, and early investors liquidity with providing the most innovative, experienced, and company-focused team in the secondary market.

At FEP, we focus on direct secondary investments through the acquisition of partial equity positions from company founders and early investors. We are not brokers.  We invest from our own dedicated funds with an objective of long term capital growth.   

In evaluating potential investments, we typically look for:

  • Demonstrated technology and/or solution validation
  • Demonstrated market traction
  • A sustainable competitive advantage
  • Experienced management
  • Strong investor support
  • An opportunity for FEP to add value to management’s growth plans

We typically work with companies who are at an inflection point in their growth, on the threshold of scaling their commercial operations with significant forecast revenue growth (Post Series C/D).