A unique secondary direct fund that is second to none.

At FEP, we are long term investors with a commitment to being a trusted and supportive partner to our portfolio companies - their management and investors.


We understand that partial liquidity is what is often needed to ensure alignment of incentives among early investors, founders and the company’s best long-term interests.  Our investment platform is designed to work side by side with select, venture-baked private companies to provide limited and measured liquidity through targeted direct secondary investments.  Our investments are typically effected through the purchase of partial positions from early company founders and investors. We also work with management to provide on-going liquidity programs, when and where appropriate.  We are focused, experienced, efficient and discreet.

Over the past 14 years the FEP team has worked with founders and investors, including our own portfolio companies, to provide secondary capitalization in support of employee retention and motivation as well as to meet the liquidity needs of early investors.  Our reputation for being value-added, innovative, and company-friendly has positioned FEP as a partner of choice for management teams managing interim liquidity requirements.

The FEP team is comprised entirely of entrepreneurs who have founded successful ventures and subsequently gone on to successful back companies as venture capitalists.  In the world of secondary investments, we are Silicon Valley “insiders” – Known, Trusted, and Professional.