We are long-term capital partners.

FEP…one partner on your cap partner with which to share information and coordinate secondary transactions…an investment partner that can grow with you.

Managing partial liquidity needs for private companies requires a delicate balance for management teams, their Board of Directors, and their Investors.  We understand this balance, between the need and the complexity of keeping early employees motivated and focused on growing the business and providing liquidity when required by early investors while at the same time ensuring the company safe guards confidential information, protects the integrity of its employee stock option plan, while controlling and consolidating its cap table and protecting its ability to raise future rounds of funding.  Management teams work with us because we have been in their shoes.

In an ideal world, a company would have a dedicated partner with which to work collaboratively on an on-going basis to strike the right balance in meetings these challenges.  FEP is that partner.

At FEP, we are long-term capital partners for our portfolio companies. While our investment in a company may start with a single secondary transaction, our platform is designed to support the on-going needs of our companies as they grow. Through our long-term alignment of interests and information sharing, we are able to meet a company’s secondary needs over time, whether through a series of transactions or on-going tender offers, with a minimal level of management effort and distraction.

Throughout our years of experience, we have consistently demonstrated a creative approach to finding structural approaches to secondary investments that protect the interest of our partners.  Our team’s experience with direct secondary transactions date back to 2002, establishing us as one of the early pioneers in providing liquidity needs of entrepreneurs and allowing them to focus on building their businesses.

For our portfolio companies, our partnership is not limited to secondary investments.  We continuously look for opportunities to leverage our networks of strategic partners and investors to support the growth of our companies.  Whether the need is for a corporate partner or investors to support a new round of funding or business development expertise in new markets, the FEP team has a global network developed over two decades as venture capital investors that we pro-actively leverage to support the growth needs of our portfolio.